It’s our responsibility to sell healthy, bearded dragons. Therefore, we offer a 14 day guarantee on the healthiness of the bearded dragons being sold. On one condition: if your dragon becomes ill for any reasons that is not of your own fault. It is your responsibility to report any health problem to us immediately. We can guide you on what to do to help the dragon become better, we have 25 years of medical experience in veterinary medicine and we can provide medical advice in what to do to help. If the condition worsened, we will give your money back and have the dragon be sent back to us. The shipping fee is not refundable. However, we will pay 1/2 of the shipping fee for returning your sick dragon back to us.


We accept all major credit cards through PayPal.

To place a dragon on hold, we do require you to place a 50% non-refundable deposit is required of the total dragon price. We can hold a dragon for as long as two week after placing the deposit. Unless the dragon is not ready to be shipped, or if you need longer time.


We ship via FedEx.  FedEx usually provides a time commitment on next day air packages.

We guarantee live arrival or your dragon(s). In any unfortunate case, when the animal doesn’t make it through shipping, or becomes lethargic, we will refund your money back minus the shipping fee. We do require proof if the dragon end up dead during the shipment – by taking some pictures/ videos/ etc. -, in some  cases  we do want you to send the dead dragon back to us, but we will contact you and make proper arrangement  for these cases . We do require you to send back the dragon that’s having health issue after shipment. We will pay 1/2 the shipping fee.

 Please make sure that someone will be home to receive the package. Any guarantee regarding to live arrival and health issue after shipment will be VOIDED if no one is present to receive the package.

Please contact us for any concerns or questions.

Probably one of my favorite dragon breeders and just an all around nice guy.  Don’t hesitate to do business with Frankie.

J. Simmons